The Quickest Facebook Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Get !!

If Facebook is where your target market is then it is amazing the reach you can get by spending $10 on boosting a post in Facebook. (Key point is -is Facebook where your target market is? You can get tips on defining your target market here) But below are a couple of very quick tips if you are using Facebook for business marketing.

  1. facebookadvertisingKeep text in your posts to a minimum of 2 lines.
  2. Make the image the main thing, and keep the text on the image below the Facebook recommended text limitations  so that you can boost the post if it is doing well.
  3. Only boost posts if they are already doing well, if it is not doing well why throw good money it !!
  4. Don’t over-post. Statistics show that posting once every second day is ideal from statistics.
  5. Not all of posts should be pushing your product/service or you. Some posts should be re-posts of a story that is industry related and relevant.
  6. Keep your posts to one photo per post.

Thats it – The Quickest Facebook Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Get !!