Software license Types

Installed software licenses pertain to the rights and restrictions associated with using software on various devices. Here are definitions and examples of installed software licenses, including by device, per seat, and network licenses: By Device License: A by-device license allows the installation and use of software on a specific device or hardware unit. The license […]

CSS font sizes overview

px vs em vs rem In print copy we use pt for font sizes because usually we want a “fixed” size because it is going to be printed out on a piece of paper that we have specified the size of. And in a similar fashion px, are fixed not relative sizes and it means […]

Very Quick HTML History & Overview

Interest in and use of the World Wide Web has been expanding at a phenomenal rate. As the Web grows, so must its vehicle of communication, HTML. The HTML 2.0 specification was published in November of 1995. Since then, the HTML 3.0 draft specification expired on September 28, 1995, without becoming recommended, but HTML 3.2 […]

What are Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

In systems engineering and¬†requirements¬†engineering, a¬†non-functional requirement¬†(NFR) is a¬†requirement¬†that specifies criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system, rather than specific behaviors. They are contrasted with¬†functional requirements¬†that define specific behavior or functions. (Wikipedia) Defining (Designing) the functional and non-functional requirements is a key step in the web development process and one that […]

Intro to Algorithms

What Is an Algorithm? An algorithm is a detailed step-by-step instruction set or formula for solving a problem or completing a task. In computing, programmers write algorithms that instruct the computer how to perform a task. When you think of an algorithm in the most general way (not just in regards to computing), algorithms are […]

How to leverage browser caching

Googles PageSpeed Insights tool often reports that you should consider fixing levering browser caching . This is often one of the easiest options to increase your score on the insights tool. Below is an explanation of what Brower caching exactly is and how to leverage brower caching.   What is browser caching? Browser caching stores […]

html Colours

HTML color codes Colour codes are ways of representing the colours we see everyday in a format that a computer can interpret and display. There are a variety of formats, including Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values, and HTML color names, amongst others. HEX COLOR CODES The most popular are Hex color codes; three […]

CSS Reference sheet

CSS Properties Properties are listed in alphabetical order below. Each property has examples of possible values beneath it. Properties are not listed if they are not widely supported or if they are only supported by Internet Explorer. The properties are followed by some common values that properties may contain. CSS3 properties are not listed below […]

HTML5 Tag list

Below is a¬†list of the tags (or elements) supported in HTML5. This list is generally based on the W3C HTML5 specification, but may also include elements that are only in the WHATWG HTML Living Standard. For an explanation of the differences between the WHATWG and the W3C versions of HTML, Many tag also are in […]

Quick Windows 10 install with VMWARE

Or Installing any Operating System with VMWARE Note: this how to assumes you have VMWARE installed Step1: Launch VMWARE from your programs menu (I am using the free trail version) Step2: Click Create a New Virtual Machine Step3: Chose¬†the type of configuration you want. (For this exercise I am going with typical) Then click NEXT […]

Virtualization explained simply

Virtualization Defined note: this article is an over view, if you want a¬†tutorial on¬†installing a virtual machine using vmware click here Virtualization is a ¬†software technology that allows¬†multiple operating systems and applications to be run on the same server/hardware at the same time. Virtualization is¬†transforming the way IT hardware is utilized and is fundamentally changing […]