Work from home productivity tips

With all the lockdowns from the COVID pandemic forcing more and more people to work form home it has been become more important than ever to stay motivated and productive. Here are some great tips to help you increase your productivity.

1: Set Up Your Workspace Right

  • Don’t work from your bed or in your bedroom if you can help it. It will encourage midday napping and ruin productivity.
  • Have dedicated “work from home” clothes. So you aren’t in your normal “power suit” or your pj’s but you are in something professional but comfortable.
  • Tidy off your desk. A clear desk is a clear mind!
  • Invest in a quality work chair if you haven’t already so you won’t or give your self an RSI be distracted by back pain.
  • If you are in a noisy environment or their other distractions use headphones to eliminate them.
  • Get a second monitor to increase your productivity

2: Before You Start the Work Day

  • Get a “please knock/come in” sign for your home office door.
  • Make a personal ritual to indicate you are starting the workday
  • Shower and get dressed. A clean body will give you a fresh start to the day.
  • Do 10 minutes of exercise at least to get your blood flowing and your brain ready to work.
  • Eat your normal and hopefully a proper breakfast to keep you going to your first break.
  • Make a work productivity checklist to help you stay on task.
  • Shut off social media notifications.

3: Make a Schedule and Stick to IT

  • Start and finish your workday at the same time every day
  • Set an achievable daily goal and achieve it. This is provide you with positive reinforcement
  • a Schedule out a 15-minute break every hour and a half.
  • Take at least a half-hour lunch break every day.
  • Schedule phone calls for the afternoon between 1pm and 3pm when you are most likely
  • to receive an answer and it will help to break up your day.
  • Don’t ignore the schedule or you will blur the lines between work and home life

What are your top tips?

Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash