Standard website ad sizes

Standard Web Banners (in pixels)

(explanation of what are banners ads at the bottom of this page)

SizeStyleTarget File Size
468 x 60Full Banner20 KB
728 x 90Leaderboard25 KB
336 x 280Square25 KB
300 x 250Square25 KB
250 x 250Square25 KB
160 x 600Skyscraper20 KB
120 x 600Skyscraper20 KB
120 x 240Small Skyscraper20 KB
240 x 400Fat Skyscraper25 KB
234 x 60Half Banner15 KB
180 x 150Rectangle15 KB
125 x 125Square Button15 KB
120 x 90Button10 KB
120 x 60Button10 KB
88 x 31Button10 KB


Other Less Common Ad Sizes

SizeStyleTarget file size
120 x 30Button10 KB
230 x 33Small Banner15 KB
728 x 210Large Leaderboard30 KB
720 x 300Large Leaderboard25 KB
500 x 350Pop-up30 KB
550 x 480Pop-up30 KB
300 x 600Half Page Banner35 KB
94 x 15Blog Button10 KB

 Example ads in action


What are banner ads?

A banner is simply an online image ad. Many popular websites funding model is based on displaying these types of ads to derive their income.  This images or ads usually contains a link to the advertiser’s website or landing page created specifically for that ad.

Generally the websites displaying these ads are part of a display network such as Google’s Adsense. The ads on this website are displayed via Googles Adsense. I have place the Adsense script in the place where the ads are to appear and Google Adsense decide the most appropriate ads to display based on the page content or the what other websites the person viewing the page has been to.

Here is a great article with tips on making your ads more clickable