Search Engines

  • Remember, the engines don’t tell you anything, they like secrets
  • Try things and if it doesn’t work, go back
  • Try one thing at once
  • there are no short cuts to long term high search engine rankings
  • There are no magic bullets and results do not happen over night

So where to begin “Write good content”

if you want to be found on the web write good content. Even if your site is technically perfect for search engines, it won’t do you any good unless you also fill it with good content. This why websites with all of the content embeded within a single .swf files while ever so glamourous and beautiful tend not to rank well in the search engines.

Good content is content which is relevant to the site and needs to be unique and specific enough to appeal to people. Good content that is frequently maintained brings return visitors. Return visitors who like your content will eventually link to your site, and having lots of inbound links is great for search engine rankings, especially if those links are from highly ranked sites.

Good content that is regularly maintained is fresh content. Search engine robots will visit your site more often once they notice that you update regularly, which means that any new content you add will be indexed quicker.

Use keyword rich page titles

By including keywords in page titles you make it easier for search engines to know what each page is about, and people scanning through search results can quickly determine whether your document contains what they are looking for. The page title is also what is used to link to your site from search result listings.

what are keywords

Keywords are word that you think that people will type into a search engine to find your site.

Use html heading tags

Use the h1 – h6 elements for headings. Using graphics for headings may let you use any typeface you want, but search engines aren’t going to pay much attention.

Promote Your Site

Here are a few tips for driving traffic to your site.

Register your site with search engines. Over 90 percent of Internet users search one or more of the top engines to find what they need. Make sure your business is part of the results when customers look for the products and services you offer. Manually submitting your site to search engines and directories can take countless hours every month; so try SubmitWizard, an easy-to-use search engine submission service from Network Solutions and Submit Wizard has the capability of automatically submitting your site to over 200 search engines and directories, including Google, Yahoo!, Altavista, Look Smart and Lycos. Check out for more tips for getting the most out of search engine listings.

Put your domain name everywhere. Brochures, advertisements, business cards, and even hats, jackets, and t-shirts can be effective ways to promote your site and establish your corporate identity. Don’t forget to include your domain name in press releases, too.

Advertise. Placing a banner ad on other well-trafficked sites can attract huge numbers of prospective customers-and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

SEM: Search engine marketing is where you pay for advertising on search engines such google through programs such google adwords