Quick Windows 10 install with VMWARE

Or Installing any Operating System with VMWARE

Note: this how to assumes you have VMWARE installed

Step1: Launch VMWARE from your programs menu

(I am using the free trail version)

Step2: Click Create a New Virtual Machine


Step3: Chose the type of configuration you want. (For this exercise I am going with typical) Then click NEXT


Step4: BROWSE to a valid ISO image of the Operating System (I am using Windows 10) you want to install in this new virtual machine. Then click NEXT


Step5: Enter in the product if you wish or you can do it later any other details you feel relevant (if you enter in a password- make sure you remember it :). Then click NEXT (IF you didn’t enter in a product key you may prompted with a continue box- click YES)


Step6: You can change the Virtual Machine name and location at this point if you wish or leave it at the defaults and click NEXT


Step7: Set the size and single or multiple files (Leave as defaults if you do not understand the information provided) and click NEXT


Step8: You could customise the hardware assigned to this virtual machine by clicking the “Customise Hardware” button or click FINISH 


At this point VMWARE will “create the disk” and VMWARE will create the  virtual machine for you to install the Operating System into.


Step 9: You can now start your virtual machine and install the Operating System. This step may not be necessary as the virtual machine may automatically start.


Step10: Now you need install the Operating System as you would in any other situation.


There are many ways to Delete Virtual Machines when you have finished with them but one of the easiest is to right click it in the left window and choose MANAGE the DELETE FROM DISK as below (this is the ‘cleanest’ option)