Embedding Pinterest Widget (feed) -Step by Step

Step by Step Embedding Pinterest Feeds

  1. First decide what you are going to embed for example a board or a profile etc
  2. Once you have decided this copy the url from the address bar of the board or profile
  3. Then go to Pinterest’s Widget Builder and select either ‘Profile Widget’ or ‘Board Widget.’ (I’m going to add a board widget)
  4. Then paste in the url where it says Pinterest Board or Profile URL
  5. Then choose the size and any other settings necessary.
  6. Once you have done that scroll down and copy and paste the code to where you want to the widget to appear
  7. And the required script to just before the closing body tag. Note: You may need to add http: before the // in the src= if you want to test locally -without uploading to a public webserver
  8. And that’s it :).