Digital Nomads -all have one thing in common

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The term digital nomad is appearing every where and is almost the latest buzz term, with some using it to define themselves in a very lofty way. But what is it really beyond some one with no fixed local and a laptop on the look out for free wifi?

At its best it is the lucky buggers who’s income earning requirements do not require being rooted to any fixed location such as some industry bloggers and developers and depending on your view point the mega lucky who are actually paid to keep on the move such as travel writers and photographers.

So what do they all have in common ? Well maybe not all but certainly most have a website that they can maintain and update  themselves. This simple characteristic made me think of the other modern nomad – the grey nomads who are also increasingly also digital nomads in that they are continuing to work via electronic means  such as publishing books such as the author of the book “So What Do We Do Now? The Baby Boomers Guide to Enjoying Retirement” who’s life has not slowed down in retirement just become a lot more diverse with speaking engagements and seminars.

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