2 Great Free Design Repositories

These days so many websites make available good free design resources that you can use in any design project- commercial or otherwise as long as the project is not to be on sold for example in a website template (as opposed to a website), calendar etc. The list below is to websites that are easy to use and have quality resources. At the time of compiling this list none of the sites contained links to malware or other spammy rubbish but it is the internet so I can not vouch for the websites in perpetuity 🙂 But as I will be maintaining and updating this list frequently as I use it myself I will remove any websites that do not live up to a high standard.

Free Design Resources is a great repository which has new download every day. They have web and design templates, layouts, addons such as photoshop addons, photos and graphic elements, fonts and pretty much everything design related.

Creative Market has 6 free Weekly Monday downloads and if you sign up to their newsletter they will let you know what is available that week- saving you the trip to their website unless you see something you want.